Horizons' offer is always prepared in detail after recognising the situation and needs. The most important thing is to define the current state and the target, expected effect.

Due to the company's competencies the offer is divided into 3 basic sections:


Business and engineering consulting

Business consulting as understood by Horizons must always be linked to implementation and taking responsibility for the results of that implementation. The most important element is to identify the needs in a given area.

Together with an assessment of the current situation, a solution can be proposed. The solution must include a concept, an implementation plan, a timetable and costs. The element that Horizons focuses on the most is, of course, implementation. We do not deal with theory, but with practice gained in enterprises of various sizes and industries. Companies planning investments in the broadly understood energy sector remain our main client.


Implementation of energy projects

Initially, the aim of the company was to participate only in projects of companies in the energy sector. But it soon became apparent that there are many companies that are interested in and have specific needs in the field of energy. The specificity of the energy area causes great difficulties for all those who have only been involved in such tasks for a short time or only incidentally.

Additionally, each task is different and should be approached differently. Horizons' offer is addressed to companies which have to carry out an atypical project, projects, implementation, acquisition, change, etc. strictly in the area of energy, development and preparation of energy projects, construction of own sources, energy supply. The offer is always tailored to the needs and resources available to the client so that the costs of joint activities are reasonable.

The main area on which the company focuses is the area of development and administration of renewable energy projects, together with building a strategy for activities in this market.


Offshore Wind

Horizons aims to support investors in the successful implementation of offshore wind energy projects in Poland, in particular at the project preparation and development stage until the participation in the auction for negative balance coverage.

Thanks to the "European Green Deal", offshore wind energy (OWE) becomes an important element of the Polish energy mix, in line with the draft Energy Policy of Poland until 2040 announced in September 2020.

With excellent knowledge of local requirements, experience in both offshore projects and large-scale investments in other industries, and an effective network of contacts, Horizons is well positioned to support investors and other market participants in the successful implementation of offshore wind projects in Poland.